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Thigh And Arm Lift

After the hard work of losing a significant amount of weight and keeping it off, many adults still have stubborn excess skin that cannot be toned with exercise. In these situations, Dr. Nadja Colon, a cosmetic surgeon at Evolve Wellness & Aesthetics Center in Franklin, Tennessee, recommends thigh and arm lifts to patients wishing to look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside since their recent weight loss accomplishments. Call the office or schedule a consultation online to learn about the innovative technologies offered at Evolve Wellness & Aesthetics Center.

Thigh and Arm Lift Q & A

What is an arm lift or thigh lift?

Arm lifts and thigh lifts are surgical procedures that reduce excess skin. Arm lifts (brachioplasty) address the excess, sagging skin between your underarm and elbow. Extra skin on the arm is common for those who’ve lost a significant amount of weight.

An arm lift can reshape your arm for smoother, tighter skin and a more attractive, natural appearance. It also reduces fat pockets on the upper arm and tightens the underlying supportive tissue.

In a similar way, a thigh lift (thighplasty) removes excess skin and fat to reshape the contours of your thighs. The result is a firmer, more proportionate appearance and smoother, tighter skin.

What is the procedure for an arm or thigh lift?

Traditionally, arm and thigh lifts are surgical procedures in which excess skin and fat are cut way. Dr. Colon offers a nonsurgical technique for arm and thigh lifts as an alternative for adults who want to avoid the risks and extensive recovery time of surgeries. She uses J-Plasma® technology by Bovie® Medical Corporation to perform a procedure called J-Plasty for arm lifts and thigh lifts.

The J-Plasma device offers a unique combination of cold helium plasma and radiofrequency (RF) energy for precision treatments of sagging, loose skin on the upper arms and legs. This advanced technology allows Dr. Colon to direct a controlled thermal energy to layers of skin beneath the surface. The J-Plasma device focuses the RF energy to treat only the targeted area, leaving surrounding tissue unharmed.

What is the recovery time?

Because the J-Plasty uses the combination of cold helium plasma and RF to target the lower layers of your skin, the top layer stays intact to protect the layers beneath as they heal. Recovery time from J-Plasty treatments are significantly less than if you have traditional surgical procedures for arm and thigh lifts.

Who should get an arm lift or a thigh lift?

You are a good candidate for an arm or thigh lift if:

  • You have excess skin on your upper arms and thighs
  • You have reached your weight loss goals and are maintaining a stable weight
  • You are in good overall health
  • You have no chronic conditions
  • You don’t smoke or drink heavily
  • You have realistic expectations about the outcome

Call Evolve Wellness & Aesthetics Center or schedule a consultation online if you’re ready to explore options and learn more about an arm lift or thigh lift.


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