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Men and women who work hard to lose weight, exercise, and eat right sometimes need a little extra help to achieve their ultimate fitness goals. Dr. Nadja Colon, a cosmetic surgeon at Evolve Wellness & Aesthetics Center, and her experienced medical team want to help women and men in the area of Franklin, Tennessee, reach their long-term goals and desired body shape with liposculpting. Liposculpting is the art of liposuction with extra attention to detail for contouring and reshaping the treated area. The results help you physically become the best version of yourself. Call the office or go online to schedule a consultation.

Liposculpting Q & A

How is liposculpting different from liposuction?

The difference between traditional liposuction and liposculpting is that liposuction focuses on fat removal while liposculpting removes fat and contours the body for a more toned, athletic appearance. Liposuction is an effective choice for removing large areas of unwanted fat and liposculpting is an effective way to get more definition in targeted areas like the abdomen or buttocks.

What is the best procedure for liposculpting?

Dr. Colon uses several minimally-invasive technologies for liposculpting that can be done under local anesthesia and a mild sedative. The technologies she offers at Evolve Wellness & Aesthetics Center include:

  • VASERlipo® ultrasound liposuction
  • body-jet® water-assisted liposuction (WAL)
  • MicroAire® power-assisted liposuction (PAL)

These innovative procedures allow Dr. Colon to remove the necessary amount of fat from your body while simultaneously sculpting the area for a more defined outcome.

How does VASERlipo ultrasound liposculpting work?

VASERlipo eliminates fat and smoothes skin using ultrasound waves to break up fat in small or large areas, leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. This procedure usually takes a single visit that may last a few hours to sculpt the area or areas you’re having treated. Pain remains at a comfortable level, and downtime is two to three weeks of avoiding strenuous activity while you heal.

You’ll see immediate results with VASERlipo liposculpting and an increased transformation as your body heals completely.

How does body-jet water-assisted liposculpting work?

The body-jet system uses the power of water to gently contour your body. This method gently detaches fat from the surrounding tissue with a flat, fan-shaped water jet that keeps the surrounding tissue intact. The gentle water pressure makes this procedure precise, safe, and effective.

Aesthetically speaking, the results from body-jet liposculpting are excellent, and the risks and recovery time are minimal. Pain levels are tolerable, and swelling after treatment is minimal, too.

How does MicroAire power-assisted liposculpting work?

MicroAire power-assisted liposculpting is one of the fastest ways to remove fat and sculpt contours in a specific area. It’s a precise method, and results in less bruising and swelling of the treated areas. MicroAire works on small and large areas to extract fat and contour the body without the use of heat used in some other methods.

These liposculpting technologies are all designed to help you get more definition through artistic body sculpting and contouring. Men and women feel better about themselves and are often very satisfied with the end results.

Dr. Colon invites you to take your health and fitness goals to the next level with the art of liposculpting. Call or go online to schedule a consultation to discuss your goals with the expert team at Evolve Wellness & Aesthetics Center.