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During various times in life, men and women who feel fatigued, depressed, or just out of sorts may be experiencing a fluctuation in hormone levels. Dr. Nadja Colon of Evolve Wellness & Aesthetics Center and her experienced medical team want to help patients around Franklin, Tennessee, get back to feeling like themselves again with hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Colon recommends treating hormonal imbalances that come with age or certain health conditions, rather than suffering through the symptoms indefinitely. To learn more about hormone replacement therapies, schedule a consultation online or call for an appointment.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Q & A

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an effective way to replace natural hormones when your body stops producing enough on its own. This happens during menopause for women and during andropause, the male version of menopause. It also occurs as a result of some health conditions.

Dr. Colon offers hormone supplements in a variety of forms including pellets, injectables, and creams for men and women who want relief from the symptoms of decreased hormone levels. Women often need estrogen and progesterone, which is available in creams and pellets, and men often require testosterone in the form of a pellet or injectable. Once you’ve had an overall health evaluation and exam, Dr. Colon recommends which type of HRT is right for you.

What are the symptoms of low hormone levels?

Both women and men who notice symptoms of hormonal imbalance may be candidates for HRT. These symptoms include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Fatigue or low energy levels
  • Weight gain, loss of muscle mass, and increased body fat
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Hair loss on your body
  • Insomnia
  • Hot flashes
  • Anxiety
  • Lower sex drive and erectile dysfunction
  • Difficulty concentrating or “brain fog”
  • Decreased bone density

How do hormone replacement pellets work?

Hormone replacement pellets are tiny implants that safely and steadily deliver a measured amount of hormones to your body. Pellets mimic the way your body naturally releases estrogen or testosterone into your bloodstream, and therefore they are a consistent, ongoing way to get the hormones you need and ultimately find relief from difficult symptoms.

Dr. Colon implants the tiny pellet with the required hormone in a simple, in-office procedure. The pellet delivers the proper dose of hormones for about four months. Dr. Colon determines the correct amount of hormone and can adjust it if necessary.

Over time, dealing with the often dramatic symptoms of low hormone levels can change your whole outlook on life. Dr. Colon wants men and women to know that they don’t have to suffer through and just deal with these unpleasant conditions. Help is available from the compassionate, knowledgeable medical team at Evolve Wellness & Aesthetics Center.

Call for a consultation or schedule an appointment online today to explore hormone replacement therapies that can help you get your vitality and your life back.