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Drooping eyelids can make anyone look older and potentially impair your field of vision. Dr. Nadja Colon, a cosmetic surgeon at Evolve Wellness & Aesthetics Center, offers men and women in Franklin, Tennessee, the latest in nonsurgical blepharoplasty (eyelid repair). Dr. Colon and her experienced medical team are experts at performing blepharoplasty procedures so patients get the results they need to look younger and more alert. Call or schedule a consultation online to learn more about this innovative procedure.

Blepharoplasty Q & A

What is blepharoplasty?

Traditionally speaking, blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that repairs sagging eyelids. It may also include removing excess skin, muscle, and fat from around the eye, including bags under the eyes. The procedure can help men and women who have trouble keeping their eyes fully open, or have drooping upper eyelids that interfere with the lower lids. When excess tissue is surgically removed, you can see better and appear refreshed, instead of tired.

Dr. Colon offers a nonsurgical form of upper and lower lid blepharoplasty as an alternative for adults who want to avoid the risks and recovery time of eye surgery. She uses J-Plasma® technology by Bovie® Medical Corporation to perform a procedure called J-Plasty.

How does nonsurgical J-Plasty correct droopy eyelids?

To perform J-Plasty procedures such as blepharoplasty, Dr. Colon uses the J-Plasma device. This device offers a unique combination of cold helium plasma and radiofrequency (RF) energy for precision treatments of droopy eyelids and undereye loose skin.

This advanced technology allows Dr. Colon to direct a controlled thermal energy to layers of skin beneath the surface. The J-Plasma device focuses the RF energy to treat only the targeted area, leaving surrounding delicate eye tissue unharmed.

Who should get nonsurgical blepharoplasty?

Men and women who have excess skin around their eyes, droopy upper eyelids, or any interference with their peripheral vision because of sagging eyelids may be good candidates for the J-Plasty blepharoplasty procedure. It also helps with swelling or puffiness under the eyes as the muscles and supporting tissue weaken with age causing bags.

What is the recovery time after nonsurgical blepharoplasty?

Because the J-Plasty uses the combination of cold helium plasma and RF to target the lower layers of your skin, the top layer stays intact to protect the lower layers as they heal. Recovery time from J-Plasty treatment is significantly less than if you have traditional blepharoplasty.

Most likely, the treated area around your eyes will be pink, tender, and slightly swollen after treatment. Side effects and downtime are minimal, since the procedure is nonsurgical. Dr. Colon and her team instruct you on how to care for your skin until it completely heals.

Dr. Colon invites you to call or schedule a consultation online to learn more about the nonsurgical options for upper and lower blepharoplasty with J-Plasma technology. As an experienced cosmetic surgeon, she can answer all your questions about the procedure.